Programme (pdf) (updated 9 Dec 2014)

Abstracts (pdf)

After successful meetings in Utrecht, Leuven, Leiden, Antwerp, and Groningen, the sixth edition of the biennial conference of the Belgium Netherlands Cognitive Linguistics Association (BeNeCLA) took place at Ghent University on 11–12 December 2014. The conference provided a forum to scholars based in the Low Countries or abroad to present and discuss their research in the various strands of cognitive linguistics or other cognitively inspired usage-based approaches to language, including construction grammar.

Plenary speakers:

Ewa Dąbrowska (Northumbria University)
Dirk Geeraerts (University of Leuven)
Muriel Norde (Humboldt University Berlin)
Gerard Steen (VU University Amsterdam)

Organising committee:

Frank Brisard (University of Antwerp)
Timothy Colleman (Ghent University)
Renata Enghels (Ghent University)
Tim Geleyn (Ghent University)
Peter Lauwers (Ghent University)
Paul Sambre (University of Leuven)
Miriam Taverniers (Ghent University)

Scientific committee:

Jóhanna Barđdal (Ghent), Ronny Boogaart (Leiden), Frank Brisard (Antwerp), Bert Cappelle (Lille), Alan Cienki (VU Amsterdam), Timothy Colleman (Ghent), Bert Cornillie (Leuven), Hubert Cuyckens (Leuven), Barbara De Cock (Louvain), Gert De Sutter (Ghent), Renata Enghels (Ghent), Kurt Feyaerts (Leuven), Ad Foolen (Nijmegen), Liesbet Heyvaert (Leuven), Francisco Gonzálvez-García (Almeria), Peter Lauwers (Ghent), Dominique Legallois (Caen), Maarten Lemmens (Lille), Tanja Mortelmans (Antwerp), Esther Pascual (Groningen), Paul Sambre (Leuven), Miriam Taverniers (Ghent), Arie Verhagen (Leiden), Dominique Willems (Ghent).

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